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All organizations, irrespective of level want to be “the best” in the market but wanting to be “the best” is not enough: they must set a path that makes it possible. An organization’s path to winning must increasingly go beyond mastering balance sheets, creating new and innovative processes, and forming customer relationships; it must build that change, learn, develop and act faster than those of its competitors .A company's strength is built on the quality of its employees. It is “the people” who build organization and create wealth for them. We at Career path aspire to help our clients to build organization and create wealth by helping them to place the right individuals for the respective role available in the organization on time. We offer a unique and competitive framework to our clients which help us to meet clients’ needs effectively in a short span of time.

Career Path HR Services is a group of inspired and dedicated professionals who aspire to deliver the best in the competitive HR market globally.

Our Aim:

To provide quality, cost-effective and end-to-end HR services to our clients on time. We endeavor to create a unique identity in the global recruitment industry by executing all the undertaken assignments successfully.

Why Career Path HR Services ?

Have well-trained experienced professionals from various industries.
Precisely understand the clients’ requirements and deliver results on time.
Turnaround time for sourcing relevant profiles is 2 hours to 48 hours depending upon the skill set.
Extensive in-house database on all skills (IT and Non IT) and excellent grip on referral pool available in India on paid basis.
Sourcing for the right match through a number of channels e.g head hunting, portals, internal database etc.
Good contact with leading universities and B schools for campus/off campus placements.

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